matches l  serie / comedy

Directed by Duda Vaisman  l  Calvito Leal

Producer Migdal Filmes    Distribution Warner Channel

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Matches is a comedy about new ways of relating at the beginning of the 21st century. It is a series about love in the online age, which, following the world, made the transition from analog to digital and opened up a new range of possibilities with great impacts sociological.


Tinder, Happn, Grindr - the fictional “Matches” app is one of the main characters in the series, which serves as a guideline for narrating the amorous adventures of our characters, the four neighbors on the fifth floor of a building.


With each episode, a new “match” - a meeting made possible by the application - and a new adventure for characters that represent people in different moments of life, but all looking for the same thing: a better half in times of liquid relationships.


Juliana Silveira I João Baldasserini I Evelyn Castro I Renato Livera

more color please! (2015)

2 seasons l GNT

Logo_Mais Cor, Por Favor.png



It is possible to transform environments using colors and your own hands. That's what Thalita Carvalho , an advertising professional, a specialist in handicrafts and a blogger, believes . In the Mais Cor, Por Favor! Series, each episode Thalita will learn the story of a character (or group) who is looking for a transformation in the decoration of the outside area of ​​her house, which is lifeless. While working, Thalita teaches step by step how to renovate and build furniture, paint walls and produce decorative objects. All with a lot of creativity and little budget. For “do it yourself” transformations, Thalita will show that a network of friends can be very useful. And prove that anyone is capable of renovating their home, even if they have no experience with manual labor.

More Color, Please! still counts on the work of the gardener and journalist Carol Costa. She will use her experience and passion for plants to create solutions together with Thalita, ensuring more green for the transformed spaces.

Paulo Gustavo on the road (2014)


Logo PG na Estrada.jpg



Paulo Gustavo launches into a new venture with the Multishow channel. It is a program, mixed of documentary and fiction, that will accompany the actor for the 2013 tour of his shows Hipetativo and Minha Mãe é uma Play.


Following the ON THE ROAD format, the program aims not only to reveal the backstage of this great tour, showing the public everything that is not seen before Paulo Gustavo enters the scene (the arrival of him and his team at airports, hotels, the relationship with post-show fans, etc.), as well as showing the cities visited and their tourist potential through the humorous perspective of what is today one of the most inspired comedians in Brazil.


Paulo Gustavo

back on track (2014)


de volta.jpg



“Back on Track” portrays the loving adventures of Sílvia, 35, separated, mother, who after years dedicated to marriage and family life, realizes that it is not easy to return to the track. With the help and insistence of her assistant, Lica, a young woman of 20 years who does not waste time or good nights, Sílvia will enter a great adventure for the nights in Rio. With Daniele Valente in the role of Silvia, and several participations throughout the season, the series shows in 13 episodes, with very good humor, the bored and the successes of a newly separated trying to find her place in the sun in the world of singles.


Daniele Valente

alucinadas (2013)





Based on the eponymous successful play starring Renata Castro Barbosa and Luciana Fregolente, “Alucinadas” is a fictional series of 13 episodes of 24 minutes, with sketches about what is most particular about women, for good
and for bad.


For the vast majority of women, the middle ground does not exist - it is practically an abstraction. A lot of love, a lot of hate, a lot of everything - very crazy!


Luciana Fregolente l Renata Castro Barbosa

the fantastic world of gregório (2012)





The series consists of fragments of the life of actor Gregório Duvivier. Each episode shows the actor's daily life, with an unusual and humorous vision. The idea is to satirize the supposed glamor of a young actor's life.


Gregório Duvivier l Clarice Falcão

musica.doc (2012 - 2014)

2 seasons  l  MTV




Through interviews and recording of the daily lives of their characters, the series MÚSICA.DOC will accompany eight young Brazilian bands / artists on the rise. Each chapter, assigned to a name, will accompany the work routine, showing steps such as composing and recording songs, rehearsals and publicizing the work, culminating in the peak moment, registering a show. In addition to portraying the lives of its characters from the moment of conceiving their music to interacting with their audience, MÚSICA.DOC will profile young people who produce new Brazilian music, telling a little about their stories, references and personal experiences. By revealing the backstage of the work and the creative process of artists of such different strands, the series will provide an overview of the current moment and the plurality of the young music scene in the country at the beginning of this century. Among the invited artists are Tiê, Cidadão Instigado, Tulipa Ruiz, Marcelo Jeneci, Bárbara Eugênia, Vanguart, Ana Cañas and Thiago Pethit.


Tiê  I Tulipa Ruiz I Marcelo Jeneci I Bárbara Eugênia I  Vanguart   Ana Cañas I Thiago Pethit.

as canalhas (2012 - 2014)

3 seasons l GNT



Bastards: each season of “Bastards” brings stand alone, independent episodes depicting 13 different women starring in stories about women who will stop at nothing to fulfil their every desire, subverting the stereotype that only men are bastards. These women show us just how much better at being bastards women can be as they toy with men for their amusement, sabotage friend and foe alike to get what they want, and overall do as they please regardless of anyone or anything in a series of deliciously darkly comic plot lines.


Mônica Martelli, Zezeh Barbosa, Suzana Ribeiro, Marilia Gabriela, Alessandra Maestrini, Debora Falabella, Luiza Mariani, Bete Dorgam.

220 volts (2012 - 2014)

5 storm  l   Multishow




Starring Paulo Gustavo - actor from the hits “Minha Mãe É uma Parte” and “Hiperativo” and from the series “Divã”, shown by the Globo network - 220 Volts is a humor program with a hybrid format, mixing sketches, dramaturgy and interviews with the public. The versatile Paulo Gustavo will play some of his established characters from the stage and internet, and will bring some new ones, certainly as hilarious as his classics. 


With Paulo Gustavo and great cast

until it makes sense (2011)





The sensation of the web Felipe Neto continues to criticize, now on TV, about things that do not make sense to him, but then he goes to the streets to find out from people what they think about the subject. There will be plenty of debates loaded with the acid humor already known to this boy.


Felipe Neto