M8 - quando a morte socorre a vida (2020)

Diretor: Jeferson De

Production Migdal Filmes   Co-production Buda Filmes  Distribution  Paris Filmes  Downtown Filmes

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"M-8 – Quando a Morte Socorre a Vida", dirigido pelo cineasta Jeferson De (do premiado "Bróder"), é baseado no livro homônimo de Salomão Polakiewicz e conta a história de Maurício (Juan Paiva), um calouro da prestigiada Universidade Federal de Medicina, filho de Cida (Mariana Nunes), uma auxiliar de enfermagem, que dá duro para ver seu filho entrar pra faculdade . Em sua primeira aula de anatomia, Maurício é apresentado a M-8 (Raphael Logam), corpo que servirá para estudo dele e dos amigos durante o primeiro semestre. Em uma jornada permeada de mistério e realidade, Mauricio enfrenta suas próprias angústias para desvendar a identidade desse rosto desconhecido.



Juan Paiva I Raphael Logam I Mariana Nunes I Giulia Gayoso Bruno Peixoto Fábio Beltrão I Zezé Motta Ailton Graça Alan Rocha Henri Pagnoncelli Malu Valle Léa Garcia I Dhu Moraes Pietro Mario Tatiana Tibúrcio Lázaro Ramos Bernardo Dugin

Sérgio Loureiros Higor Campagnaro I Rocco Pitanga

my mom is a character 3 (2019)

Diretor: Susana Garcia

Production Migdal Filmes I Downtown Filmes  Co-production Globo Filmes I Universal Pictures I  Paramount Pictures I Telecine Productions

Distribution Downtown Filmes

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In my mom is a character 3, Dona Hermínia (Paulo Gustavo) will have to rediscover and reinvent herself because her children are forming new families. This super mom will have to hold on to her emotions to deal with a new life scenario: Marcelina (Mariana Xavier) is pregnant and Juliano (Rodrigo Pandolfo) is getting married. Dona Hermínia is more anxious than ever! To complete the confusion, Carlos Alberto (Herson Capri), her ex-husband, who was always around, now decides to move to the apartment next door.



Paulo Gustavo I Rodrigo Pandolfo I Mariana Xavier I Herson Capri

intimacy between strangers (2018)

Director  José Alvarenga Jr.

Production Migdal Filmes l  Co-production Canal Brazil, Globo Filmes e Telecine  Distribution Galeria

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Maria (Rafaela Mandelli) has just moved to Rio de Janeiro, with the objective of accompanying Pedro (Milhem Cortaz), her boyfriend, who will be one of the protagonists of a biblical miniseries about Noah. the city does not please her due to the memories she has with her father, who has passed away. The couple moves into a building whose manager is the young Horácio (Gabriel Contente), who is very strict with the local rules. At first Maria clashes with him, but little by little she approaches her neighbor.



Rafaela Mandelli I Milhem Cortaz l Gabriel Contente l José Dumont l Giovanna Lancellotti 

two of me (2017)

Director  Cininha de Paula

Production  Migdal Filmes l  Co-Production  Telecine e Globo Filmes l  Distribution  Downtown e Paris Filmes

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Suryellen (Thalita Carauta) is a cook who works hard to keep her young son, younger sister (Letícia Lima) and mother (Maria Gladys) alone. One day, after finding a magic confectioner (Stella Miranda), her order comes true and she splits in two. But his copy, physically identical, has clear personality differences, being much more outgoing and courageous. The idea would be to share the tasks with the partner, but soon Suryellen realizes that his double has plans of his own



Thalita Carauta l Alessandra Maestrini l Stella Miranda I Priscilla Marinhol Maria Gladys

my mom is a character 2 (2016)

Director  César Rodrigues

Production  Migdal Filmes l  Co-production Globo Filmes, Diamondback, Paramount e Universal  l  Distribution  Downtown e Paris Filmes

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Based on the homonymous play by Paulo Gustavo. Years have passed since the most entertaining mother in Brazil became a TV presenter, became famous, changed address, economic status ... Dona Hermínia remains hilarious, irreverent and very concerned with the family's problems. But now, as if the messes of Marcelina and Juliano were not enough - unemployed and “lost in life” - Dona Hermínia is also a grandmother. Not to mention the discussions with the ex-husband Carlos Alberto, the clashes with the abused maid Waldeia, the slander of sweet aunt Zélia and the little fights with her sister Iesa that disturb her life. Reconciling the crazy family with professional obligations is not easy, and when Lucia Helena - the distraught sister who has lived in New York for years - decides to show up and stay at her home, everything becomes even more difficult. However, when it seems that nothing can get worse, Marcelina and Juliano, supported by their father, decide to leave the house leaving their mother in despair. 



Paulo Gustavo I Rodrigo Pandolfo I Mariana Xavier I Alexandra Richter I Patricya Travassos 

mundo cão (2015)

Director  Marcos Jorge

Production  Zencrane  e Migdal Filmes  l  Distribution  Paris Filmes e Downtown Filmes

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Santana works in the Department to Combat Zoonoses, collecting abandoned dogs. Friendly and friendly, averse to confusion, he lives reasonably well in a suburb with his family, managing to keep the violence away from home. Until the day when he captures, exercising his craft, a huge dog. After a few days, someone appears, furious, claiming to be the owner of the dog. Due to a misunderstanding, the man is upset with Santana, and his attitudes will completely change his life.



Lázaro Ramos l Adriana Esteves l Babu Santana l Milhem Cortaz l Paulo Serra

casa grande (2014)

Director Fellipe Barbosa

Production  Migdal Filmes  l   Coproduction  Gamarosa e Guiza Produções  l   Distribution Film Connection e Imovision

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Jean is a wealthy teenager who struggles to escape the overprotection of his secretly bankrupt parents. As the house falls, the employees have to face their inevitable layoffs, and Jean has to confront the contradictions of the big house.



Thales Cavalcanti l Marcello Novaes l Suzana Pires l Clarissa Pinheiro l Bruna Amaya 

linda de morrer (2014)

Director  Cris D'Amato

Production  Migdal Filmes  l  Co-production Globo Filmes, Fox Film e Telecine  l   Distribution  Fox Film

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Paula is a famous plastic surgeon, owner of Image Clínica e Laboratórios, who created Milagra, the first cure for cellulite. About to launch the revolutionary medicine, Paula suffers a strange attack of nerves, and ends up causing an accident that leads to her death. His spirit is trapped on Earth with the mission of preventing the sale of Milagra, since Fran, his partner, aiming to deal a millionaire blow to the company, had exchanged the product's raw material for a cheaper one causing a huge side effect.



Glória Pires l Angelo Paes Leme l Priscilla Marinho I Antônia Morais l Emílio Dantas 

sister dulce (2014)

Director  Vicente Amorim

Production  Migdal Filmes  l   Co-production  Lereby, Telecine, Globo Filmes e Paramount  l   Distribution Downtown e Paris Filmes

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“Irmã Dulce” tells the emotional story of the woman who, nominated for the Nobel Prize, called “Anjo Bom da Bahia” and beatified by the Church, never cared about titles.

The story of a woman whose sole purpose was to comfort the needy, care for the sick, support the poor - at any cost, with the help of anyone. Able to cross Salvador at dawn to hold a street child or to ask for money from a politician on the platform, Sister Dulce faced external enemies - prejudice, machismo, dogmas - and an intern: an incurable respiratory disease. He passed through them with obstinacy, joy, love and faith and built a work that, until today, only grows, as the devotion for it grows. The film Irmã Dulce tells a true and emotional story of a woman who brings together three of our defining qualities as Brazilians: faith, joy and obstinacy



Bianca Comparato I Regina Braga I Glória Pires I Irene Ravache

my mom is a character (2013)

Director  André Pellenz 

Production  Migdal Filmes  l   Co-production  Telecine e Globo Filmes  l   Distribution Downtown e Paris Filmes

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Dona Hermínia, a middle-aged woman, retired and alone, is more concerned with taking care of her children. But now that they have grown up and don't stop confronting her, the solution will be to give an ice and leave the house. Without a job or a companion, the housewife decides to vent with her elderly aunt.



Paulo Gustavo l Rodrigo Pandolfo l Mariana Xavier I Alexandra Richter l Herson Capri 

cássia (2013)

Director  Paulo Henrique Fontenelle

Production  Migdal Filmes  l   Co-production  GNT  l   Distribution H2O Filmes

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The documentary Cássia portrays the icon of the Brazilian music scene in the 90s. In her brief trajectory, Cássia Eller left an undeniable mark in the country's culture. In addition to the musical projection, his personal history exposed taboos and gained national repercussion after his death, when the guard of his son “Chicão” stayed with his companion Maria Eugênia. Through the testimonies of friends like Zélia Duncan, Nando Reis and Maria Eugênia, the film describes her entire trajectory since the beginning of her career; besides narrating Cássia's paradoxical personality, contrasting her timidity and delicacy with the irreverence and personality on the stage.

totally innocent (2011)

Director  Rodrigo Bittencourt

Production  Attitude e Migdal Filmes  l   Co-production  Globo Filmes e Telecine  l   Distribution Paris Filmes e Downtown Filmes

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Cartaz Totalmente Inocenrtes.jpg



“Totalmente Innocentes” is centered on the story of a trio of young people who live in a fictional favela. The teenager Da Fé (Lucas D'Jesus) is in love with the older sister (Gildinha, played by Mariana Rios) of his best friend, Bracinho (Gleison da Silva), who also lives in the community. Naive, he believes that to win the girl, he needs to become the drug lord. The "problem" is that he and his friends have no talent for crime. In a story full of hilarious situations, “Totally Innocent” bets on the humor of a comedy of errors



Fábio Porchat l Mariana Rios l  Fábio Assunção l Ingrid Guimarães l Kiko Mascarenhas

nosso lar (2010)

Director  Wagner de Assis

Production  Cinética Filmes  l  Migdal Filmes l  Distribution Fox Film

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Life after death is the central theme of this drama about the transformation of a man in his surprising and uplifting experience on the higher plane. With grandiose art direction and special effects never seen in local productions, the film brings to the screen the most important work of the Minas Gerais medium Chico Xavier, who, through accounts of the spirit of doctor André Luiz, describes life in detail in “Nosso Lar ”. 



Renato Prieto l Fernando Alves Pinto l Rosanne Mulholland