carlinhos& carlão l  feature film, comedy

Director  Pedro Amorim

Production  Migdal Filmes    Co-production Fox  Film e Telecine    Distribution Downtown Filmes e  Paris Filmes

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Carlão (Luis Lobianco) is a prejudiced man who works at a car dealership with Cadinho (Marcelo Flores), Zeca (Saulo Rodrigues) and Antunes (Pedro Monteiro). In conversations between them, Carlão always boasts of being the greatest connoisseur of football and mechanics, all in the midst of macho and homophobic jokes. When Evaristo (Luis Miranda) is the target of such verbal assaults, he proceeds to chase and lock him in a magic closet. Carlinhos (Luis Lobianco), a homosexual alter-ego who takes over Carlão's body when night comes.


Luis Lobianco I Luis Miranda I Marcelo Flores I Paulo Rodrigues I Pedro Monteiro 

M8 l  feature film / drama

Director   Jeferson De

Production  Migdal Filmes    Co-Production  Buddha Films    Distribution Paris Filmes l  Downtown Filmes

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“M8 - When Death Helps Life”, directed by filmmaker Jeferson De (from the award-winning “Bróder”) is based on the book of the same name by Salomão Polack and tells the story of Maurício (Juan Paiva), a freshman from the prestigious Federal University of Medicine . In his first anatomy class, he is introduced to M8 (Raphael Logam), a body that will serve to study him and his friends during the first semester. In a journey permeated with mystery and reality, he faces his own anxieties to unravel the identity of this unknown face. The film was shot in July in Rio de Janeiro, is in the editing phase and will be released in the first half of 2019. 



Juan Paiva l Raphael Logam l Mariana Nunes l Giulia Gayoso l Bruno Peixoto I Fábio Beltrão

lashing love l  feature film / comedy

Direction  Caroline Fioratti

Production Migdal Filmes   Coproducer Fox Film do Brasil  l Distribution Paris Filmes  l  Downtown Filmes.

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canta pra subir.jpg



Daniel and Bebel fall in love and want to get married. Only they are from different worlds, which for them, it doesn't matter - they found that their differences complement each other.


But this is not the case for their respective families - this is because Daniel's parents are the mother and father of a saint in an Umbanda terreiro in the north of Rio, and Bebel's parents are bank owners from São Paulo from a traditional Jewish family.


In a fun comedy of customs, we will accompany the preparations for the most eclectic wedding of the year.


Distributed by Paris Filmes, this entertaining story addresses important issues such as religious tolerance, clash between cultures / social classes, and also complex family relationships.



Cacau Protásio I Ary France I Samya Pascotto I Bruno Suzano I Berta Loran