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carlinhos& carlão l  feature film, comedy

Directed by  Pedro Amorim

Producer  Migdal Filmes l Coproducer Fox  Film e Telecine l  Distribution Downtown Filmes e  Paris Filmes

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Carlão is a used car salesman with what he considers to be appropriate “manly” tastes: picking up as many women as he can, having beers with his buddies and his amateur competitive soccer championship, in which he is captain and star player.


Though he’d like to think he’s a “man’s man”, truth is, Carlão is an obnoxious asshole. Misogynistic, homophobic, rude, Carlão is an overall despicable guy. He treats women like crap, he inadvertendtly bashes gay people, and generally thinks anyone or anything  diferent than him is, well, just “weird”.  Wherever Carlão goes, eyerolls follow: just ask Guga, the openly gay bartender at the bar Carlão hangs out at, who is the butt of repetetitive, unfunny jokes every day, and his new boss Marcos, whom Carlão just can’t understand how a gay man plays better soccer and knows more about cars than he does...


Carlão needs a taste of his own medicine, which is exactly what he gets when he is delivered a very special closet after offending the wrong guy...

Every night, as soon as the sun sets, Carlão would become all that he despised, in the form of Carlinhos: a happy, charismatic, effeminate and flamboyant gay man.  

A helpess passenger in his own body, every night Carlão is in Carlinhos skin, whether he likes it or not. And every morning, he pointlessly tries to get the magical closet to revert its “curse”.


Thing is, Carlão’s got a long way to mend his ways – until  he’s put throught enough hilarious situations so as to  finally open his mind, and who knows, maybe even learn a bit about himself...


Luis Lobianco I Luis Miranda I Marcelo Flores I Paulo Rodrigues I Pedro Monteiro 

M8 l  feature film / drama

Directed by  Jeferson De

Producer Migdal Filmes l  Distribution Paris Filmes e Downtown Filmes

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“M8 – Quando A Morte Socorre A Vida”, dirigido pelo cineasta Jeferson De (do premiado “Bróder”) é baseada no livro homônimo de Salomão Polack e conta a história de Maurício (Juan Paiva), um calouro da prestigiada Universidade Federal de Medicina. Em sua primeira aula de anatomia, ele é apresentado a M8 (Raphael Logam), corpo que servirá para estudo dele e dos amigos durante o primeiro semestre. Em uma jornada permeada de mistério e realidade, ele enfrenta suas próprias angústias para desvendar a identidade desse rosto desconhecido. O longa foi rodado em julho no Rio de Janeiro, está em fase de montagem e será lançado no primeiro semestre de 2019. 



Juan Paiva l Raphael Logam l Mariana Nunes l Giulia Gayoso l Bruno Peixoto I Fábio Beltrão

canta pra subir l  feature film / comedy

Directed by  Caroline Fioratti

Producer Migdal Filmes l  Coproducer Fox Film do Brasil  l  Distribution Paris Filmes e Downtown Filmes.

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Lucas and Bebel fall in love and want to get married. But they are from different worlds, which for them, it doesn’t matter, since they discovered that their differences complement each other.


But their families don’t believe in it - this because Daniel’s parents are the mother and father of a saint from a Umbanda backyard in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro, and Bebel’s parents, owners of some banks in São Paulo, come from a traditional Jewish family.


In a fun plot of consuetude, we will follow the preparations for the most eclectic wedding of the year and “Canta Pra Subir” covers important topics as religious tolerance, clash between cultures, social classes, and also how complex a family relationships can be.



Paulo Gustavo I Rodrigo Pandolfo I Mariana Xavier I Alexandra Richter I Patricya Travassos 

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