A producer recognized in the audiovisual market for over 20 years, Iafa Britz is behind major national productions. For Migdal Filmes, a company where she has been operating since 2010, she produced the trilogy of "Minha Mãe é Uma Peça" (2013, 2016 and 2019), which together took more than 27 million people to movie theaters. The comedy “Carlinhos e Carlão”, with Luis Lobianco (success available on Amazon Prime Video); and films such as “Linda de Morrer”, a comedy starring Glória Pires. In the art film circuit, she recently produced the acclaimed “M-8 — Quando a Morte Socorre a Vida”, by Jeferson De, besides “Irmã Dulce”, by Vicente Amorim, “Cássia Eller”, documentary by Paulo Henrique Fontenelle; and the drama “Casa Grande” by Fellipe Barbosa, nominated for more than 10 International Festivals, including Palmarès, in Toulouse (France) and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


In partnership with Cinética Filmes, she produced the feature “Nosso Lar”, which took more than 4 million spectators to theaters, and with Zencrane, the dramatic thriller “Mundo Cão”, with Lázaro Ramos, Babu Santana and Adriana Esteves.


On TV, Iafa signs the series “Matches” for the Warner Channel, the three seasons of the series “As Canalhas” (GNT), five seasons of the comedian Paulo Gustavo's hit comic “220 Volts”, (Multishow).


Throughout his career, Iafa produced films such as “Se Eu Fosse Você”, “Se Eu Fosse Você 2”, with Glória Pires and Tony Ramos, “Divã”, by José Alvarenga Jr., with Lilian Cabral.


In the line up for 2021/2022, they have three films with very different profiles: the comedy “Amarração do Amor”, directed by Caroline Fioratti, with Cacau Protásio, Ary França and a great cast; prepares the production of “O Fim da Inocência”, directed by João Jardim, the comedy “Situación Perrengue”, directed by Tomás Portella; and the second and third seasons of the series “Matches” (Warner Channel).


In 2010, she was nominated by the newspaper O Globo for the “Faz Diferença” Award.