Iafa Britz is a Brazilian producer with recognition in the audiovisual market for over 20 years. In her curriculum, there are great national productions. Through Migdal Filmes, the company where she created and has worked since 2010, she produced the trilogy of “Minha Mãe é Uma Peça” (2013, 2016 and 2019), which took more than 27 million people to cinemas.


She also has signed the production of the comedy “Carlinhos e Carlão” (successful on Amazon Prime Video); of “Irmã Dulce”, “Linda de Morrer”, “Nosso Lar” (in partnership with Cinética Filmes), the award-winning “Casa Grande” and the musical documentary “Cássia Eller”.


In 2020 she released the acclaimed "M-8 - When Death Helps Life" and in 2021 the comedy "Amarração do Amor". For TV, Iafa produced series such as “As Canalhas” (GNT); “220 Volts” (Multishow), “Matches” (Warner Channel), among others. 


In the lineup for 2022/2023, she produces the features “La Situación” (Buena Vista), “As Polacas - o fim da inocência” (Globo), “Overman”, based on the comic strips by the Brazilian cartoonist Laerte; and “7 a 1” by Marcelo Andrade, in addition to the second and third seasons of “Matches” (Warner Channel) and the series “Body By Beth”.