Carol Castro


Carol Castro in the last 15 years has signed the creation, script and / or production of more than 15 film and TV projects, with a dozen more in various stages of production. She is the showrunner of “Matches”, a series that launched in February 2020 on Warner Channel, which became the best Brazilian series premiere in the history of the channel, and will begin production in 2020 for the next season.


Some of her works: she wrote as three and was the final writer of two seasons of “As Canalhas”, GNT, “As Brasileiras”, Globo; “Prata da Casa”, Fox; among others. For cinema, she created, wrote and produced the still unpublished “Amarrração do Amor”, starring Cacau Protásio, Ary França, and great cast and “Carlinhos & Carlão”, starring Luis Lobianco. She also signed “Linda de Morrer” (2015), with Glória Pires, by Cris D’Amato; “Duas de Mim” (2017), with Talita Carauta, by Cininha de Paula; and adapted the international phenomenon "High School Musical" for its Brazilian version.